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We briefly explain what the process would be like, you will always be evaluated by a professional and our Healthy Life team will accompany you at all times.
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How is the process of health tourism to the Dominican Republic?

Step 1

Initial information

In the first contact via email, instagram or whatsapp we will know your concerns and doubts to schedule a subsequent consultation with the specialist doctor.

It is possible that some examination is required prior to the virtual consultation with our doctors.

Step 2

Consult online with our professionals

We carry out a consultation with one of our doctors to know your particular case and later you will obtain a quote regarding your medical and travel needs.

At Healthy Life we adapt to your requirements.

Step 3

Trip to the Dominican Republic

After agreeing on the budget, we take care of organizing your trip to the Dominican Republic.

Our Healthy Life team will receive you with all the medical and tourist information.

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Step 4

Beach days and other activities

Upon arrival in the country you will enjoy some great days in the Caribbean, some of our beaches and recreational activities.

Depending on your procedure, you will have more or less capacity to perform recreational activities, it will always be under the recommendation of our medical team.

step 5

Medical procedure

All our medical procedures will be performed in clinics registered and authorized for such purposes in the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, our doctors are widely recognized for their professionalism.

Our Healthy Life team will be in charge of monitoring the patient before, during and after medical treatment.

step 6

Days of stay or recovery

Depending on the medical treatment, recovery days will be held at Healthy Life accommodation sites strategically located in the corporate center of the city.

In the same way, if required, we also have fully equipped recovery houses available and with a specific diet recommended by our doctors.

step 7

Medical monitoring

After any procedure, all our patients will receive a follow-up from their doctor to guarantee a quality service.

They will also receive all the information or medical history of the procedures performed in the Dominican Republic.

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