Medical services

We are trained to carry out different types of interventions such as family interviews; assistance to children, adults and the elderly; gynecological practices; monitoring of pregnancies and minor surgeries.

Acute or chronic diseases
Diagnosis and treatment

Respiratory diseases
eye and ear infection
Control cholesterol and triglycerides
thyroid problems
gastric diseases
skin problems

Health for the whole family
Preventive medicine

Annual exam for adults
Blood test
Prostate exam (over 50 years)
colon cancer screening
Sexually transmitted diseases
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We take care of the little ones at home
children's medicine

Well-child exam
Blood test
sports exam
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We help take care of you
women's health

PAP test
transvaginal ultrasound
breast ultrasound
Hormone profile
cervical biopsy
endometrial biopsy
Insertion and removal of intrauterine devices
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family planning method

Advice according to their reproductive age, the number of pregnancies and existing diseases.
reproductive hormone profile
endometrial biopsy

Prenatal care

prenatal complications
sports exam

For the entire family
Surgical procedures

Extraction and treatment of skin lesions
Treatment of hemorrhoids
hair loss treatment
wart removal
Removal of foreign bodies
intra-articular injections
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USCIS Certified Physicians
Immigration Medical Exam

Blood Test Fees
Medical exam

Myers Cocktail
Intravenous Vitamin C and Mineral Infusion

When many patients finally seek natural healing, they are depleted of magnesium, B Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

As these nutrients are depleted, the enzymes they form are depleted.

This leads to a complex situation where the enzymes needed to absorb vitamins and minerals are deficient, leading to even more nutrient deficiencies.

And the problem here is that due to decreased absorption, simply giving the patient vitamins and minerals orally often cannot correct the problem. This is where intravenous infusions of vitamins and minerals can be of great help. It is a way to replenish depleted vitamins and minerals even when their absorption is impaired. Patients often feel better immediately. Infusions are easy to administer and, most importantly, completely safe.
vitamina C

Ozone therapy
Ozone therapy

Oxygen therapy is a unique form of therapy that heals and detoxifies at the same time. He used to treat a variety of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue conditions, chemical sensitivity, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, colitis, autoimmune diseases, and Crohn's disease.
Ozone has properties that explain why it works so well not only for macular degeneration, but also for most other chronic age-related conditions: ozone is a powerful regulator of the immune system, it stimulates greater oxygen absorption, improves circulation and increases antioxidants. protection more than any other therapy and many others. Ozone therapy should only be used by professionals who have been trained in its use.
Self-therapy is the most common and, in most cases, the most effective way to administer ozone. The patient sits in a chair and 6 to 12 ounces of blood is drawn into a sterile bottle. Ozone is then injected into the bottle and it is gently shaken, allowing the red and white blood cells to absorb the ozone. The ozonated blood then returns to the body. The entire procedure lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

Ozone therapy

Prolozone therapy involves injecting ozone into and around the ligaments where they attach to the bone. The injected ozone increases blood supply and the flow of healing nutrients to these areas. This increase in cellular repair activity strengthens and tightens injured tissues, stabilizing the area and eliminating the cause of pain.

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